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If you write anything for publication, you need an editor. Contact us for excellent service at reasonable rates.

Why You Need an Editor
Any publication—from a simple flyer to a dissertation—has a job to do. You want your story to entertain people, your newsletter to inform them, your manifesto to inspire them to action. Your publication will do its job more effectively if the writing is clear, readable, and free from errors.

Akilah Media is a publishing services firm that helps your words work for you. We provide "an extra pair of eyes" to review your publication. With fresh eyes, we can see the errors that you do not notice while you are focusing on writing. We can spot passages where your use of jargon may confuse readers. We can suggest changes that will make your arguments clearer. We can help you polish your presentation, refine your brochure, expand your web site, or finish your book.

Akilah Media offers different levels of service, depending on your needs and the needs of your publication. Click on the highlighted terms at right for brief definitions.


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Services We Provide

* Proofreading
* Copyediting
* Substantive editing
* Writing

In addition to proofreading, editing, and writing, Akilah Media also offers the following services

* Research
* Desktop Publishing

Prices for these services are listed here.

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